Smile Design Transformation

In a comprehensive smile design case for JB, the primary concerns of tooth color, uneven gum margins, small lateral incisors, a narrow smile, and reported dental pain were addressed. Extensive analysis revealed contributing factors like narrow buccal corridors and an overclosed bite. Collaboratively, a smile design proposal was created, approved by the patient, and implemented through gum recontouring, extractions, and minimal tooth preparation. Healing and iterative adjustments were made with temporary crowns, followed by the replacement of PMMA temporaries post-healing. After final patient approval, permanent crowns were meticulously bonded, delivering not only a functional but also an aesthetically pleasing and confident smile transformation.

Primary Concern: JB approached our dental practice with several concerns, including dissatisfaction with the color of his teeth, uneven gum margins, a perception of small lateral incisors, a narrow smile, and reported pain in multiple teeth.

Analysis: Extensive analysis revealed JB's smile issues stemmed from uneven and narrow buccal corridors, an overclosed bite, and various factors contributing to an uneven smile.

Smile Design: Collaboratively, our team, including the patient, undertook a meticulous smile design proposal. This proposal took into account JB's face shape, smile size, and lip movement, laying the foundation for a comprehensive treatment plan.

Smile Design Approval: JB was actively involved in the design process, and the proposed changes were presented, discussed, and ultimately approved by the patient.

Gum Recontouring, Prep, and Extractions: The treatment began with gum recontouring based on the approved design. Additionally, three problematic teeth were extracted to address JB's pain concerns.

Minimal Tooth Preparation: All top teeth were minimally prepared in alignment with the smile design. This step was completed in a single visit, allowing for the reconstruction of JB's bite to a more ideal state and the opportunity to test the new smile design with temporary crowns.

Healing and Smile Design Test Run: Over the healing period, JB and the dental team worked collaboratively to fine-tune the temporary crowns, ensuring they met the patient's satisfaction. This phase also included rescanning for the next steps.

Analysis (Post-Healing): After approximately six weeks of healing, the temporary crowns were removed and replaced with PMMA lab-fabricated temporaries, aligning with the finalized design.

Patient Final Approval: JB gave their his approval, and the permanent crowns were crafted based on the aesthetics and fit of the lab-fabricated temporaries. The occlusion was carefully checked to ensure proper functionality.


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