Full Mouth Reconstruction
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A full mouth reconstruction is a treatment focusing on rebuilding or restoring all the teeth in both the upper and lower arches. It includes several procedures for your mouth to improve both natural functionality and appearance.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
815 Dental Studio

A full mouth reconstruction is a treatment focusing on rebuilding or restoring all the teeth in both the upper and lower arches. It includes several procedures for your mouth to improve both natural functionality and appearance. This approach is called a full mouth reconstruction because it usually includes several cosmetic dental procedures. These procedures can range anywhere from simple fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, tooth extractions, dental implants, veneers, and much more. In addition to the procedures available for your teeth, a full mouth reconstruction can also repair and restore your gums.

Dr. Anthony and the hand-selected team at 815 Dental Studio focus on bringing healthy and beautiful smiles to the families we look forward to working with. We provide many general family dental and cosmetic procedures services. We can manage all your family’s oral health needs. We are experts in all general dental procedures, from preventative cleanings and examinations to extractions, periodontal treatments, and restorations such as crowns and fillings. We are also skilled in cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, inlays, onlays, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and other methods to both restore and maintain a natural and healthy smile.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a full mouth reconstruction, our phone number is 815-229-1110, and you can find us at 1574 South Bell Road, Cherry Valley, IL, 61016. 815 Dental Studio has built an amazingly creative team offering superb dental services in a wonderful and relaxing environment. 

Having a smile that you are not happy with can hinder your self-confidence. If you find yourself trying to avoid smiling, then it may be time to investigate a full mouth reconstruction. The dental industry continues to develop innovative technology that can improve anything in your mouth. There are several treatment options available to improve your smile, depending on your goal. A full mouth reconstruction will combine different treatments that in turn, address different issues with your smile. 

Using these technological advances available to us, 815 Dental Studio will recommend the best treatment options for you. With a full mouth reconstruction, we must first plan and design your smile transformation after a consultation. This is the appointment in which we discuss the details of your procedures.


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For your convenience, our team accepts most major insurance plans, as well as financing programs like CareCredit. If you do not have insurance, that is not a problem.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment Options

There are several procedure options available for a full mouth reconstruction. 815 Dental Studio will review the options that will benefit your full mouth reconstruction objectives. Your oral health is always a top priority. If your teeth, gums, or bone tissue are unhealthy, we will postpone the cosmetic treatments. 

  • Periodontal Care- If we found indications of gum disease at the initial exam, we would need to treat this immediately. We will recommend a deep cleaning, which includes scaling and root planing. The plaque must be removed from the teeth below the gumline to eliminate the primary source of the infection. This is a foundational start. We may also consider gum contouring as part of your aesthetic reconstruction. 
  • Dental Crowns- Crowns, acting like a cap, can be placed on a tooth to protect it and improve your smile. If a tooth has a large restoration that cannot withstand the biting pressures without cracking, then a crown will be recommended by 815 Dental Studio. A crown can also restore the look of a damaged tooth.
  • Root Canal Therapy- A cavity can be the result of not brushing or flossing your teeth properly, allowing an infection to develop inside a tooth’s pulp. The infection can also be the result of a crack that has allowed bacteria into the tooth. A root canal treatment removes the infected pulp, and then a crown is usually added for protection. This is the best way to keep the natural tooth and your natural smile.
  • Bone Or Gum Grafting- A bone graft will be beneficial if you have had a tooth missing and your jawbone has atrophied. A bone graft is essential if you are interested in replacing missing teeth with a successful dental implant solution. A dental implant needs enough jawbone density and integrity to fuse and bond properly to provide the necessary stability and support. 
  • Dental Implants- A dental implant is the new gold standard for tooth replacement today. It is the only option that replaces the missing tooth permanently. A small titanium post is surgically placed into your jawbone to function as an artificial tooth root. Then an abutment or extension is added to reach the surface of the gumline, and finally, a dental crown is placed on the extension. This allows you to have the functionality and look of a natural tooth, and it also will preserve the jawbone density and integrity.
  • Orthodontics- Braces are an appliance to correct misaligned teeth. The treatment options for braces have improved, but metal brackets and wires remain a common and successful option. Invisalign is quickly becoming a popular option, offering a corrective method with translucent plastic trays. There are health benefits for straightening teeth beyond just cosmetics. Your teeth may need to be realigned to eliminate a traumatic bite, muscle pain, or jawbone deterioration.


We are passionate about our patient's comfort, and we are always striving to give you the best experience while you are in our office. 



With unique energy and a positive spirit, Dr. Anthony provides our patients with quality dentistry while making her patients feel comfortable in the dental chair. Her entire team at 815 Dental Studio reflects her smiling, patient-focused and passionate approach to oral health.


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Experts in general dentistry, from cleanings and checkups to extractions, periodontal treatments, and fillings, we are also highly trained in cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, inlays onlays, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, clear aligners, and other ways to give you straight white teeth.


The Initial Consultation to Create Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

Initially, 815 Dental Studio will perform an extensive exam to determine what can be done to accomplish full optimal health, aesthetics, and functionality. X-rays are extremely helpful in identifying the bone structure and teeth quality below the surface. The x-rays will also help determine if more complicated procedures might be needed to adjust or realign any bone structure. 

The procedures planned, the healing expectations and the costs will be discussed at this consultation. If you have any questions about any part of your plan, be sure to clarify with us. Dental insurance might cover some of the procedures if it is considered beneficial for your overall dental health. This will be a need versus want clarification.

815 Dental Studio is All About Patient Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction starts with our skills and services, and we provide results with advanced, innovative technology and clinical care. Your comfort and trust in our entire team and our efforts is critical. 

Which is why we put an emphasis on a team of highly capable, energetic, and genuinely nice people. A happy team results in happy patients. 

Besides serving as the leading cosmetic dental practice in Northern Illinois, improving smiles with implants, Invisalign, veneers, and whitening, we provide general oral healthcare services daily to local families and patients. 

We are a forward-thinking and dynamic team, constantly expanding on our knowledge, our skills, and our dental technology to better serve you. Call us today about researching a full mouth reconstruction. Our phone number is 815-229-1110, and you can find us at 1574 South Bell Road, Cherry Valley, IL, 61016. 815 Dental Studio is a team that you will look forward to visiting for your 6-month checkups. Each member of our team is honored to be thoughtful, kind, and caring.

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